MMABS Promise

We thought about what would make us stand out from the others in the field. We knew we had to provide service that was better than what our clients could do on their own. But, we also knew that to be successful and to increase our clients’ success we had to exceed what our competitors could do as well. With that in mind we came up with the following list of key values and commitments that make us who and what we are:

  • We work in a spirit of trust and teamwork with each other and our clients to deliver excellent service.
  • Our services are continually improved by the study, analysis, and refinement of all processes and systems.
  • We cultivate an environment conducive to achieving excellence and satisfaction.
  • We exceed the expectations of our clients by determining what has to be done and committing the resources to do it right.
  • We maintain a positive public image that is consistent with our values, leadership and accomplishments.

Our Training:

Certified coders receive a minimum of 10 hours training a year to maintain their national accreditation.

Certified coders, accounts specialist and management staff attend seminars, webinars, and in-house training to update them on coding changes.

Departmental training is conducted as needed to streamline the work flow and improve accuracy based on continuing review of internal billing practices and procedures.

System instruction is provided periodically to enable staff to efficiently use the various modules of our in-house system. Training is provided by insurance companies on how to navigate their web sites and use the options available for obtaining eligibility, benefits, and claims status.

Key Values:

We have respect and consideration for the dignity of individuals, and a compassionate concern for their needs. Ethics, honesty, and integrity guide all of our actions. Our clients and our employees are our greatest assets. These values and commitments have enabled us to put together a team that is knowledgeable, focused, loyal and dedicated to the clients Medical Management and Billing Solutions serve.

“As always, you and your company are so professional and always willing to help and lend a helping hand. I appreciate you and all the ladies there. All of you have such patience and understanding.”

- K.S., Administrator, Pain Management Clinic, Covington, LA

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